The Classic Love Cookies

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Our Traditional Love Butter cookies is a combination of vanilla and cocoa dough and sure the taste is different from the others. Each cookie truly made with lot of love!

-"This cookies is where my journey begin. I'm still remember, when I was 6 years old - this is the first baking ever that I attempt to make it my own without my mum knowing it! and the result- the taste almost there but the texture & look is totally gone!it's hilarious, the cookies end up too hard! -Now, this recipe has been pass to 4th generation. Each cookie can only cut by thread to get it's texture. Same as our Cornflake Butter Cookies, this cookies also keep it's traditional way by kneading the dough by hand." - Syai


*Price mention ONLY for Round Container

  • Round Container -  Appx. 47 pieces