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Mother's Day Edition: The Bouquet

RM 200.00 RM 24,900.00


LIMITED TIME & LIMITED QUANTITY (on a first come, basis)

Please note that this Edition only available on the certain date, you may choose ONLY the available date shown above, so any other date that you choose upon check-out is not countable.

The Bouquet Cake Box is created by stacking 3 layers of moist cake coupled with 2 layers of decadent fillings which then covered with our famous vanilla bean cream cheese frosting. 

The finishing touches of a decorative bouquet. We ensure each cake is handmade to perfection so as to sprinkle your special occasion with the sweetness it deserves.

Note: Contain traces of nuts and allergy ingredient.


Design & Colour is fixed (as an image) Colour may vary from image.
(A certain type of flowers are seasonal)


Size of the Box: Height x Diameter = 9 Inch x 8 Inch

Feed up to 8-10pax


Cake & Fillings (All cakes filled with buttercream cheese flavour of your choice)

  • Boston Pie Cake
  • Victoria Sandwich
  • Chocolate Hangover
  • Chocolate Cake with Choc. Peanut Butter
  • Coconut Mango Sago
  • Delightful Lemon Blueberry
  • Raspberry Buttercake 

Care Instruction

Our cake tastes best at room temperature (20*C-23*C). 
If you plan to serve the cake on the day you receive it, you can choose to refrigerate it or keep it in an air-conditioning area (at 16*C-19*C) and keep out of direct sunlight.
If you choose to refrigerate your cake, please let it sit at room temperature (approximately 30 minutes before serving) to ensure your cake is soft and you'll get creamy cream cheese frosting.

Hydrangeas: Please note that hydrangeas are easy to get dehydrated.