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Edible Custom Illustration

Regular price
RM 480.00
Sale price
RM 480.00
Regular price
RM 0.00


  • Are more characters allowed? Absolutely! However, please take note that an extra fee of +RM 100 will apply for each additional character you include. (Examples: Puppy, Cat, Human, Bear, etc.)
  • Please send us the image to illustrate through WhatsApp or Email.
  • Select a different color palette from here and indicate your choice in the Remarks section during checkout.
  • Every cake is individually styled, ensuring that each one is unique; NO TWO CAKES ARE IDENTICAL. The images displayed are solely for our reference and inspiration.
  • Additional requests are available with associated charges. For assistance, kindly get in touch with our customer representative.
  • Final illustration will be shared through email or WhatsApp after delivery. So you can use the illustration on the cake for other purpose! 

*Note: All fresh flowers and petals used just for decoration purpose only

Cake Flavours & Sizing: Click here

Wrapping: Transparent Cake Box as medium for transportation (customize cake box is not available)

Included: Regular Cake Knife (1) & Regular Candle (1)

Allergy Warning: This product may contain Nuts, Eggs, Gluten, and Dairy Products.

Care Instruction

  • Our cake is best enjoyed slightly chilled (20°C-24°C).
  • If you plan to serve it on the day of delivery, store it in an air-conditioned area (at 16°C-19°C) and avoid direct sunlight.
  • If you choose to refrigerate the cake, allow it to sit at room temperature for approximately 40 minutes before serving to ensure a soft texture and creamy frosting.
  • Please note that fondant cakes are not suitable for refrigeration, as it may cause condensation and make the surface sticky. Therefore, we recommend storing fondant cakes in an air-conditioned area (at 16°C-19°C). Consume within 3 days for the best experience.