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My Love Praline with Balloon

RM 62.00


Our best-selling Praline desserts will definitely continue to surprise you with how tasty they are! The only difference is that this V-Day, you get to enjoy the sweet tooth experience, while guessing the flavours, with your significant half.

While we strongly believe that this edition should be enjoyed by all, we have to inform you that our My Love Praline is available in limited quantity and for a limited time.

And for that reason, the dessert is only available on February dates -- which you can browse and choose when you make your puchase.

Note: Contain traces of nuts and allergy ingredient.


The design and colours of the dessert is fixed. However, please note that the colours may vary from the image due to lighting.

A 'Black Colour Palette' is available for both the gents and the ladies, while the 'Pink Colour Palette' is exclusively available for the ladies.

The dessert also comes with a ribbon and a B&S 'Thank You' card along with one helium balloon with custom wordings of not more than 15 alphabets.


Size of the Box: 7" x 3.5 "


Six (6) or Eight (8) pieces of Heart Shape Chocolate Praline


Different flavours for each praline:

  1. The Nut Maniac
    Pralinosa Hazelnut - Praline Croquantine - Caramelized Pecan -
    Caramelized Almond - Chocolate Hazelnut - Biscoff Crunch
  2. The Hot Caramelized
    Praline Croquantine - Caramelized Pecan - Caramelized Almond - Chocolate Hazelnut
    Callebaut Marble Chocolate- Butter Caramel
  3. B&S Favourites
     Praline Croquantine - Mango Passionfruit -Raspberry - Butter Caramel
     Salted Caramel - Milk Chocolate
  4. The Basic Yet Perfect
    Pralinosa Hazelnut - Praline Croquantine - Salted Caramel - Milk Chocolate
     Caramelized Almond - Chocolate Hazelnut
  5. The Flavourful
     Pralinosa Hazelnut - Mango Passionfruit - Raspberry - Butter Caramel 
     Caramelized Pecan - Biscoff Crunch 

Care Instruction

Please keep your Chocolate Pralines in an airtight container, in the fridge or out of direct sunlight. Our Chocolate Pralines can also be kept chilled for up to one (1) week.