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Full terms and conditions for Brown & Sugar are detailed below. By making payment, it will be deemed that the terms are understood and accepted as applying to your order. 

All pricing is in Malaysian Ringgit (RM)

Allergies & Special Dietary Requirements 

All our cakes contain gluten, eggs and dairy products, so are not suitable for those suffering from intolerance or allergies to these particular foods. Please be aware that our cakes may/ could contain traces of nut. Brown & Sugar will not be held responsible should you suffering from nut allergies. 

Delivery Conditions

Brown & Sugar cakes can be collected directly or delivered to you at a requested address. Delivery is by arrangement only via 3rd party and charges apply. It is essential that when delivery is confirmed, someone is available to receive the products. We cannot be held liable for any damage that is rendered to the cake during delivery once the delicacies have left the premises. Once a product is delivered and signed by an authorised person, Brown & Sugar is unable to accept any liability neither for any damage sustained to the cake thereafter nor for any failure to follow the instructions provided. 

If you collect directly, we will not be held liable for any damage to the product once it has left our premises. 

We cannot guarantee delivery by the chosen time-slot due to factors outside of control, such as traffic. Thus, you must choose your preferred Time-Slot. Payment for all deliveries must be made in full online before the product leave from our premises. Couriers will not be able to wait at delivery locations if there is no authorised person to receive the order. Customers must ensure a person is available to receive a delivery during the time-slot chosen. In the event where the courier arrives at a location and is not able to deliver the product, the courier will not be able to wait, and will return the product to Brown&Sugar premises, at the customer's expense.

Storage and Consumption 

We recommend our cakes are best eaten within 48 hours from collection/delivery but they can be chilled for up to 3 days. All cakes need to be stored in the refrigerator and brought back to room temperature before consuming. 


Cancellation will be accepted prior to 5 days before the schedule pick up time. All cancellation is subject to 15% fee to cover costs incurred by the initiation of an order. No refunds will be provided for orders that are cancelled with less than 5 days notice due to costs incurred by the initiation of an order. This includes cancellation for change of mind, act's of god and other unforeseeable events.

Customer Dissatisfaction

Brown & Sugar is committed to quality and exceptional customer service. If a customer is dissatisfied with our products or service, we encourage customers to email us should they wish to provide us with feedback. Complaints will be effectively assessed and responded to within 48 hours. Please note, we do not give any refund if you are not satisfied with our product. 

Artistic License Disclaimer

Customers may request particular decorative specifications; however all cakes are subject to the artistic expression of Brown & Sugar. All our products are handmade and unique, so no two are ever the same. As such, cake garnishes will change from time to time depending on their availability. Where a certain styling element is unavailable, Brown & Sugar will endeavor to replace the element with another to maintain the artistic integrity of the finished cake. None of our products will ever replicate or look identically.Brown & Sugar is not able to provide a refund for a cake that does not look identically like another photo.

Please note that our cake artist are pretty versatile and we have a distinctive style that we take pride in, we rather not copy another cake maker.

Pictures attached are meant for inspiration or guidelines to visualize your preferred design outcome.