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The Tiffin Cake

RM 280.00


We thought we'd take a road down memory lane and channel inspiration from something old yet timeless; the Tiffin!

Our Tiffin Cake are evenly stacked and covered with chocolate ganache. This unique cake is perfect who any occasion, especially for a picnic. The phrase, "need a tiffin?" has just got a lot sweeter.


The design of our Tiffin Cake is as per the images shared, however, customers may request for a different colour palette that compliments their event. BUT if you did not mention the colour palette you are desire, means, you'll let our team to creating something new.


Cake Topper

Candles and High-Quality Cake Knife


Cake & Fillings


  • Salty Caramelized Nuts Crunch
    (White Choc.Cake + Salty Caramel + Nutty Praline + Feuilletine + Vanilla Buttercream)
  • Devil Dark Chocolate Cake with Peanut Butter & Chocolate
    (Dark Choc Cake + Choc.Ganache + Peanut Butter + Buttercream)
  • Red Velvet with Browned Butter Cream cheese Frosting
    (Red Velvet Cake + Hot Choc + Browned Butter Cream cheese Frosting + Biscoff Crunch)
  • Lemon Cake with Fresh Blueberry Fillings
    (Lemon Blueberry Cake + Blueberry Filling + Fresh Blueberry w Mousseline)
  • Boston Pie Cake
    (Butter Cake + Milk Choc Ganache + Butterscotch Mousseline + Feuilletine )
  • Cookie & Cream Cake
    (Oreo White Choc.Cake + Choc.Ganache  + Oreo Crunch Frosting)
  • Almond Joy Cake
    (Coconut w Choc.Chip Cake + Creamy Coconut Mousseline + Choc. Ganache + Roasted Almond Flake) 


  • Chocolate Cake with Salted Caramel
  • Coconut Cake with Strawberry Compote
  • Vanilla Cake with Chocolate Ganache
  • Chocolate Cake w Choc. Ganache


  • S, TALL - 5 Inch | 5-6 layers of cake  | 14-16 pax
  • M, TALL - 6 Inch |  5-6 layers of cake | 18-22 pax
  • LARGE TALL - 7 Inch | 6 layers of cake | 24-30 pax


It is important to keep cupcakes at room temperature - do not refrigerate as this will dry them out. We bake our cakes fresh, and we recommend that you enjoy them on the day that you purchase them. To preserve freshness, plastic wrap the bakery box or transfer to an airtight container.