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The Classic Love Cookies

RM 37.00


Our Classic Love Cookies is made with a harmonious combination of vanilla, and cocoa dough, with a pinch of our secret ingredient, that guarantees our cookies is in a league of its own. But, what's unique with our love cookies is that it's always made with love, and is the product that is very close to our lady boss, Syai's heart:

"This cookie is where my journey begins. When I was 6 years old, I attempted my first solo baking adventure without my mum's knowledge. And, the result? The taste was almost there but, the texture, and look was totally gone! It was hilarious. The cookies also ended up being too hard to chew! But, don't worry. Over the years, I've perfected the method by referring to a family recipe that has passed down to 4 generations. Each cookie can only be cut with a thread to get its unique texture. Like our Cornflake Butter Cookies, this cookie also keeps to tradition by kneading the dough by hand. So, our love cookies is literally made with love," - Syai


*The mentioned price is for round containers ONLY

  • Round container -  Approximately 39 pieces