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Gift Box Edition - The Watercolor

RM 280.00


The cake is created by stacking 4 or 6 (you may choose) layers of scrumptious cake coupled with decadent fillings which then covered with light buttercream frosting

4 Layers of Cake (Standard Height or as image attached)

(Note: All the fresh flowers & petals used just for decoration purpose only)


  • The cake will be decorated as a box of gift with a ribbon & a a touch of watercolor
  • You are welcome to twist your cake by describing your desired Colour upon checkout. 
  • Colour may vary.
  • Please note, we strictly do not accept any fondant or figurine cake, so if we find any sample of fondant cake image as your attachment, we will ONLY use it as our inspiration. 
  • Each cake is hand-styled and unique with no two cakes being the same.
  • All communication is via email ONLY! If you have communicated with us through WhatsApp, phone call & Instagram/Facebook Direct Message can cause miscommunication & incident may occur.

Wrapping: Transparent Cake Box as medium for transportation (customize cake box is not available) 
Included: Regular Cake Knife, (1)Regular Candle


Cake Topper
 Cake Topper 

Candles and High-Quality Cake Knife
  Add Ons


Cake Flavours


  • Boston Cream Cake
  • Devil Dark Chocolate Cake with Peanut Butter & Chocolate
  • Lemon Cake w Fresh Blueberry Fillings
  • Red Velvet with Lemon Creamcheese Frosting
  • Chocolate Cake withOreo Frosting
  • Vanilla Cake with Peanut Butter & Jelly (Blueberry & Raspberry Jam)
  • Orange Cake with Chocolate Ganache


6 Layers of Cake - Up to 36 of Rectangular Cut
Approximately 6 Inch in diameter & 7.2 Inch high without decorations.

4 Layers of Cake - Up to 18 of Rectangular Cut
Approximately 6 Inch in diameter & 5 Inch high without decorations.

Care Instruction

Our cake tastes best at room temperature (20*C-23*C). 
If you plan to serve the cake on the day you receive it, you can keep it in an air-conditioning area (at 16*C-19*C) and keep out of direct sunlight. Take out from the fridge at least 45 mins before serving.