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T E J A | Laurel Green

RM 145.00


(Our Exclusive Gift Box available on 28th onwards. Therefore, please choose your date on 28th April & onwards upon checkout!)

Limited Quantity Available 

Our T E J A GIFT BOX is an opportunity to gift or share this treat with a friend or family alike. It would even make for an exquisite present for colleagues and associates.

Quantity & Packaging

B&S Hard Magnetic White Box includes ALL BELOW with a hand tie Ribbon & Wish Card

  • 1x Box of 6 pieces Praline
  • 4x Small Square | Set of Cookies of your Choice 
  • 5 Pieces B&S Raya Pocket Money


In this pack, all cookies will be in square container as image attached, here are the list of cookies:-

4 Sets of Small Square Container

  1. The Callebaut Chip Cookies -  Appx. 285g

  2. The Classic Love Butter Cookies - Appx. 24 pieces

  3. Dark Pink - Appx. 230g

  4. Semperit - Appx. 27 pieces

  5. Nisang Honey Cornflake - Appx. 24-25 pieces

  6. Raspberry Crust - Appx 24-25 pieces

  7. The Truffle Hazelnut - Appx. 13 pieces

Praline Flavours

This are 6 different flavours on every piece.

  1. Milk Chocolate
  2. Biscoff
  3. Hazelnut Chocolate
  4. Croquantine
  5. Caramelize Pecan
  6. Almondnosa